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sexta-feira, 27 de abril de 2007

O funcionamento do crontab

O funcionamento do crontab

O funcionamento do Crontab vai depender da compilação do ipfilter.

ipfilter v2.02 (Script by geeko)

USAGE: $ ipfilter [options] ||

-h | --help : Shows some help information
-u | --usage : Shows this information
-v | --version : Prints the script version
-N | --netcabo : Creates a new "ipfilter.dat" for netcabo clients
-A | --adsl : Creates a new "ipfilter.dat" for adsl clients
-E | --extra : Appends to "ipfilter.dat" previously defined extra ipranges (def. Razorback2)
-HH : Prepares the "ipfilter.dat" for users that will use the HAPPYHOURs...
-k | --koizo : Uses the list of ips to block from koizo (default)
-b | --blowfish: Uses the list of ips to block from blowfish (smaller file)
-f | --force : Force download of files (useful when changing from NETCABO to ADSL or vice versa)
-l | --list : Displays all extra ipranges
-a | --add : Adds a new ip (range/cidr/single) to the extra ipranges file
-d | --del : Deletes an extra iprange entry by its index
-s | --small : Creates a simplified version of the ipfilter file (less ipranges smaller size)
-q | --quiet : Don't ask any questions
-y | --yes : Automatically replaces the old file (backup)
-r | --reload : Automatically reloads the new file (requires "amulecmd")
-c | --crontab : Automatically sets the crontab [1h..7h]

$ ipfilter -N -E (creates the ipfilter.dat for netcabo + extra ipranges)
$ ipfilter -A -E (creates the ipfilter.dat for adsl + extra ipranges)
$ ipfilter -A -E -HH (adsl + extra ipranges + HappyHour READY!)
$ ipfilter -l (displays all previously added extra ipranges)
$ ipfilter -a DESCRIPTION (adds a single IP)
$ ipfilter --add DESCRIPTION (adds a IPRange)
$ ipfilter -a DESCRIPTION (adds using CIDR notation)
$ ipfilter -d 2 (deletes the 2nd entry from the list)

Após essa compilação com as escolhas correctas, fica tudo a funcionar.

Mas por enquanto vou manter o meu Bowlfish a fungar.
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